Cheri Michelle

Animal Communicator

Energy Healer

Spiritual Teacher

Are you grieving the loss of your pet?
Struggling with a pet's behavioral issues?
Facing decisions about the end of a pet's life?
Wanting a deeper connection with your pet?

I can help you with these issues and more!

Hi! I'm Cheri Michelle, a professional animal communicator and pet medium who helps grieving people heal and find peace after the passing of their pets. I support people with all of their pets' life issues--health, happiness, aging--and help them make decisions with peace and ease. I act as a bridge to understanding the root causes of any behavioral issue so harmony can be restored to the home.


Pet Mediumship Session
 Animal Communication Session
Energy Healing For Your Pet
Intuitive Reading

What Clients Are Saying

I really enjoyed the warm and friendly energy you provided throughout the whole session. You radiated kindness and knowledge and you held space for me to express my emotions, feelings or ask questions. You were spot on describing Ozi’s personality, characteristics, likes and dislikes. Even though I didn’t provide you any questions, you intuitively asked her what I wanted to know and that gave me a comfort especially knowing she is always around me.  People should know that you are compassionate animal lover and advocate for them. A session with you is truly a beautiful experience and a gift from our animals in spirit. --Anna Klock

I loved that you truly brought forth Sunny’s wisdom for me in ways I hadn’t considered.  The information you received from Sunny resonated so much with me, made me emotional and gave me confirmation that he is, in fact, “visiting” me as I thought. Your reading allowed me to heal the guilt that I’ve felt since Sunny’s passing, that I should have known or done more.  You and Sunny reassured me that I need to let that go.  I am so grateful to feel that burden lifted from me. People should know that you are truly gifted!  You are thorough, thoughtful, spiritual and a joy to work with.  I love how you open your heart to the animal and invite them in to share.  --Diane Robison

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