What Clients Are Saying

I loved your sensitivity, kindness and fantastic skill at reading my horse. The reassurance that my horse in spirit really is guiding and connecting to me, as everything you said really resonated with me and confirms what I intuit and feel. Your reading really touched my heart and soul, and brought me incredible joy. It has made me feel so uplifted and happy. You are a fantastic pet medium, and people will be left in no doubt at all that you are communicating with their animal. You are a beautiful, kind and gentle soul who has a very deep understanding of animals. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. --Fiona Sutton

Cheri is a brilliant animal communicator. Her readings are spot on and delivered with so much grace, compassion and integrity. Her genuine love for animals and connection with them reflects in her readings. She is a truly gifted and intuitive reader. I highly recommend her services and am grateful to have my lil puppy read by her recently. --Tanvi Ojha

I still struggled with the decision I had made over euthanasia. It has always bothered me that perhaps I could have done more before going that route. It helped me so much to hear that Louie felt it was time as well. I love how genuine you feel. It shines through you that you truly care about these animals you connect with and the client you are helping. Your warmth, passion and patience is wonderful to experience. I feel the animals connect with and are drawn to your gentleness and kindness, and that is part of why you are so successful in reaching them and getting them to open up. --Jennifer Smith Bassett  

After 7 years of carrying around so much guilt and sadness from Boozer's passing I wanted to find out if he was OK and if he forgave me for not doing my job in protecting him like I promised I would. I liked how Boozer’s personality came through so strongly, how caring and compassionate you relay the messages, how thorough you are to get the answers to our questions we want to know from our furbaby in spirit. Through this session, I realized that it is time to stop blaming myself for Boozer’s passing and to go forward in life full of fun – the way he did – no regrets. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do! --Jennifer Easton

 I had been having a very hard time since I lost my sweet dog. Hearing that he's ok and he's supporting me from the other side gave me comfort. It is the best feeling in the world to feel your broken heart mend a little. The reading gave me strength. It pushed me to go on and not give up. It's pretty obvious straight away that Cheri is the real deal, very capable and extremely sensitive to others feelings, be it happiness or sadness. She's a very kind soul, it feels good just speaking with her. --Daisy Vis

I had been missing my dog Stella a lot and needed some closure and reassurance. Cheri was very gentle and kind in her relaying of information. I was able to find a little peace and clarity in relation to the death of my beloved pet. I know that she is with me and is happy where she is. I would recommend an animal communication session to anyone who is needing some closure, peace and understanding into the death of their beloved pet. Knowledge brings clarity, and heart healing. Cheri is a gift to those who want to communicate with their animal family. --Christy Kay

I wanted to connect with my dear cat in spirit. I loved the quality of information, the connection with my cat, and I loved the fact that I could recognize my cat. Cheri gave me great evidence that I could relate to easily--she got my cat's personality, that he was my significant soul partner in fur form, how strong he was, and that he was a spiritual soul. I found the whole process reassuring, and loved the connection with my animal in spirit--I was moved to tears, happy tears. Cheri is easy to work with, intuitive, gentle, sensitive, and very good at what she does. I totally enjoyed the experience and found it so positive and moving that I'm so grateful for the joy it has brought me. --Melissa A.

I had the most amazing healing session with Cheri for my charming 20-year-old alpaca, S'more. He seemed to have lost the twinkle in his eyes and the sparkle in his spirit so I reached out to Cheri to see what she could do for him. After she worked on him she also gave me some "homework" to do as a follow-up to his healing work. I am so pleased to see him getting back to his old self in such a short time. I have used many communicators and healers through the years and I believe that Cheri is one of the best. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Love and Gratitude! --Carol Ysidro

Cheri is simply incredible! There’s no question she communicated directly with my beloved. She was so spot on, I was taken back with such peaceful emotion. Her kind and loving approach made it easy to connect once again. Her accuracy is unmatched. I was simply stunned as a medium myself. This reading was something I needed for a long time coming and now I’m at peace. She is blanketed with unconditional love which made it so easy to relate to her powerful words. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Cheri, you’ve given me a tremendous gift of peace.  --Craig Joseph, medium, meditation instructor, spiritual coach

I wanted to know about a previous cat I had. I was afraid to find out something bad had happened to Babie, but through Cheri's communication with her I found out that she was okay. Cheri went into detail about what she saw and heard from her, which helped me to connect the dots and imagine her saying/doing those things. It was a reminder to me that people and animals are in our lives for a reason and a season. I was able to make peace with the past.
  --Alexandra Leasure

I haven’t heard from my girl since she passed and I was keen to get a message. Cheri came from the heart and was able to share her message exactly as Chloe would have shared it. Cheri is so kind and caring and has such empathy and that resonates in her connections. I was able to get more closure and know that what I did was right at the time. --D.H.