Meet Cheri

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Hello, I'm Cheri, the founder of Sakura Spiritual Academy, where I offer a range of courses tailored to deepen the connection between pet guardians and their beloved animal companions. My goal is to help you understand and communicate with your pets, enriching your relationship in the process. But how did I come to embrace the world of animal communication? Let me share the story that led me to this magical path.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago about animal communication, I would have laughed, but destiny had a different plan for me. I am truly blessed to have developed this skill, an ability that everyone is born with.

A well-known animal communicator would regularly appear on a Japanese TV program about animals, and this was my first introduction to the concept. I was in awe – what even was animal communication? The idea was mind-boggling. Sure, I'd dreamed of being a real-life Dr. Dolittle as a kid, but truly being able to talk to animals seemed like a fairy tale. That was until Heidi Wright started appearing on this Japanese TV program. It left no doubt in my mind that not only was it possible, but there were gifted souls out there who could truly converse with animals.

Whenever her segment aired, I was glued to the screen. It got me pondering my own pets – imagining how life would be if I could chat with them. Like getting my dog Leila to stop jumping up on people, finding answers to my dog Tiffany's baffling health struggles, and knowing my dog Milky's wishes during the end of his life. Unable to handle listening to Milky screaming in pain, I ended up making the decision to assist him in transitioning. This left me riddled in guilt, questioning whether I made the right choice or not. The guilt and the uncertainty were overwhelming.

It was at this point that I decided to reach out to Heidi and have her communicate with Milky in spirit. I felt a weight lift as Heidi relayed the messages he had for me, messages that finally allowed me to forgive myself and make peace with Milky’s passing.

Today, I'm on a journey to extend that healing to fellow pet guardians. Having felt the emotional storm of loss myself, I get it. The turmoil, the pain, and the lingering guilt – they're all too real. I've been in those shoes. And now, I'm here to bring pet parents messages of solace and love from their beloved pets who've crossed the rainbow bridge. Our pets don't want us stuck in sorrow; they want us to find peace and embrace the love we shared.

Some of my Pets Past and Present

Here are some of my animal companions and teachers that have blessed my life!